Limousine service Munich

For customers who value a style that befits their status, our Limousine Service provides the perfect solution.

Our drivers are skilled, discreet professionals and have sound knowledge of the local area. Travelling in a black BMW 7 Series or Mercedes S-Class limousine, they will take you reliably to your destination in good time for your business appointment or social occasion, be it Munich or elsewhere in Germany. We use only the latest vehicles, all of which are immaculately presented and regularly serviced, of course. So why not enjoy the superlative comfort of our Limousine Service?

For your convenience, water or refreshments of your choice will be provided during your journey along with the day’s newspaper and other reading materials.

We attach great importance to the fact that our Limousine Service costs you no more than a normal taxi. We believe in Limousine Service for taxi prices!

Most people associate Limousine Services with luxury. We make luxury travel affordable.


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Our service for you